Personal Spiritual Formation

Central to all Northeastern Seminary programs is our commitment to formational education. Every course includes activities designed for you to grow.

In relationship to God:

  • A personal awareness of being loved by God
  • A deepening acceptance and love of God
  • A growing confidence in God's active presence in the world and one's own life

In relationship to others:

  • A deepening acceptance and love of others
  • A capacity and propensity for compassion
  • A freedom to receive and give love
  • Concern for and ability to relate openly with other people, especially in reference to one's Christian faith and life

In relationship to the Christian ministry:

  • A sense of conviction of one's call by God to Christian ministry, and a sense of the arena of one's specific form of ministry
  • An ability to hold things loosely and invest oneself passionately

In relationship to oneself:

  • A capacity to allow God the freedom to be God
  • A recognition of how the Bible addresses one's own life and the lives of other persons and groups
  • An ability to be in touch with one's feelings and to identify and express them appropriately
  • Creativity, imagination, humor, and freedom of spirit, as characteristics of one's ministerial style
  • A sense of confidence and courage in taking stands for convictions, in both religious and secular communities, and even in the face of opposition
  • Progress in the development of a disciplined prayer and worship life that provides personal nourishment and ministry with others
“My path at Northeastern is nothing like what I had planned. It has felt impossible at times, but it has been more rewarding and life changing than I could ever have imagined. I’ve learned to be flexible, to release control and to trust the process.”

Kaitlyn Tebordo-Wood '18 shared these reflections on her formational experience at Northeastern Seminary at the commencement ceremony in May 2018. Watch Kaitlyn's full remarks.

Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Integrated Coursework

Both online and onsite courses offer students opportunities to interact with faculty and classmates through a regular rhythm of reading, watching video content, engaging in discussion, and integrating learning with your own context and experiences. Through these opportunities, you will also explore the connection between your topics of study with the four areas of focus for spiritual formation mentioned above.

Spiritual Retreat

An annual retreat is held every fall to allow students, alumni, and friends of the Seminary to immerse themselves in a time of worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship, and personal reflection. The next retreat will be held on November 2-3, 2018.

Learn More About the Spiritual Retreat

Become a Spiritual Guide

If you are called to be a facilitator of the spiritual formation of members of a community, consider the course of study designed to equip you for this role.