Conference Schedule

Wednesday, May 3, 2017




8:30 a.m.    

Registration & Continental Breakfast
Atrium, Cultural Life Center


Opening Prayer & Welcome
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center


Plenary Session 1: The State of Childhood Poverty in Rochester:
A Profile & A Way Forward

Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center


Atrium, Cultural Life Center


Community Agency Panel Presentations
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center

  • Hear from three different agencies on the work being done in Rochester, N.Y., to combat the growing number of children suffering from the effects of childhood poverty. Discover how you can interface with these efforts to create new avenues for economic, educational, and ecumenical opportunities.

12:15 p.m.

Lunch & Round Table Discussions
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center


Plenary Session 2: Action-Driven Responses
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center


Atrium, Cultural Life Center


Creative Responses to Impact Poverty
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center

  • A Call to Action: Engaging in Advocacy and Policy Change
    by, Kayleigh Schumske

    Discover how to leverage policy and legislation as a strategy for working to end childhood in your community through research and case study examples of Rochester, N.Y. This presentation offers real-time tools and information on current legislation and addresses how to create long-term solutions for helping families through policy change.

  • Cultural Diversity in Childhood Poverty
    by, Angel M. Lebron

    Take an in-depth look at the challenges that affect children from diverse cultures and populations suffering from poverty. Through the framework of this research, identify key support agencies and networks that encourage upward mobility and provide resources for children and their families.

  • Creating Policies to End Child Homelessness
    by, Kimberly Patch

    Focus on the issue of children and homelessness by identifying the barriers that families and children face, and learn about actionable steps local organizations can take in order to help parents and children break through and overcome homelessness. Pinpoint how your church, association, or community organization can take a grassroots approach to helping impoverished families in their struggle.

  • Art, A Medium in Overcoming Childhood Poverty
    by, Julio Nieves

    Art is a medium that allows us to dream, create, express, and explore the world around us. It can help us enter the world of a child who has been deprived of basic needs and experience the fragmented broken reality in which they live. How can we as people of God use our creative talents to overcome the injustice that is childhood poverty?


Closing Prayer & Worship
Shewan Recital Hall, Cultural Life Center