B.T. Roberts Symposium on the Church, Justice, and the Community

B.T. Roberts Symposium

May 3, 2017

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The reality of childhood poverty in the Greater Rochester Region is a growing injustice caused by a complex economic and sociological landscape.

The effects of regional childhood poverty are felt across rural, suburban, and urban communities resulting in a need that is rapidly outgrowing available resources.

The response to the suffering of the vulnerable and oppressed in our community has a defining impact that is inconsistent with the Christian faith.

Answer the call:

  • Move beyond information gathering
  • Engage in the work already taking place
  • Explore how you can make an impact
  • Work with constituents and community representatives to identify new avenues for prevention and relief

 Brigit HurleyKeynote Speaker

  Brigit Hurley, policy analyst, The Children's Agenda