Past Events

February 22, 2017

Rescheduled—Northeastern Seminary Features Prominent Community Voices in Symposium on Childhood Poverty

[Please note this event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Registration is available at]

In a one-day symposium created by Northeastern Seminary theology and social justice students, Brigit Hurley, policy analyst at The Children’s Agenda, will serve as keynote speaker for  A Call to Justice: Responses to Childhood Poverty. The event on March 15, 2017, that includes plenary sessions, a community resource panel, and practical application presentations, is the second B.T. Roberts Symposium on the Church, Justice and the Community.

The symposium is designed for community members who want to be informed and learn how to respond to the everyday injustices of childhood poverty in Rochester, N.Y. Brigit Hurley will lead two sessions titled The State of Childhood Poverty in Rochester: A Profile and a Way Forward along with facilitating a round-table discussion on Action-Driven Responses.

Members of the community agency panel will discuss current strategies of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty, cultural and educational challenges and opportunities for Rochester’s children, and church and agency partnerships in working to end childhood poverty.

The B.T. Roberts Symposium on the Church, Justice, and Community is a bi-annual, student-organized event sponsored by Dr. Norman and Nancy Wetterau and family. It was established to examine justice issues through a foundation in theological studies and to foster the awareness of change and include recommendations for the community’s and church’s response to local, national, and global injustices.

Northeastern Seminary theology and social justice students collaborated with Dr. Elizabeth Gerhardt, professor of theology and social ethics, to plan the event and will moderate the resource panel of community service practitioners, policy makers, and ministry professionals. They will also present their research titled Engaging in Advocacy and Policy Change, Cultural Diversity in Childhood Poverty, Creating Policies to End Child Homelessness, and Art, A Medium in Overcoming Childhood Poverty.

Kayleigh Schumske, Northeastern Seminary Master of Divinity student, reflects on the platform that this event has given her to connect with local leaders stating, “As a family ministries pastor, the issue of child poverty has always appeared to me to be an issue not made up of numbers and statistics but of names and faces. I have heard the call for justice for these children and families many times, but have not always known how to respond to that call. By participating in this symposium and working alongside other students, faculty, and community organizations, I have discovered ways in which I can participate in the movement to end child poverty. I have been empowered to act rather than stand on the sidelines. ”

The symposium will be at the Cultural Life Center at Roberts Wesleyan College, 2301 Westside Drive, Rochester, NY  14624. For more information, contact Maria Gilluly at 585.594.6800, by email at, or