Certificate in Christian Ministry Curriculum

CTSB 101 Survey of the Old Testament (3 units)

This course provides a general overview of the entire Old Testament, and examines the cultural and historical background in which it was written. Students see how the documents shaped the life of a people, how these Scriptures of the Hebrew people influenced the writers of the New Testament, and why they are important in contemporary society.

CTSB 102 Survey of the New Testament (3 units)

Students are introduced to the entire corpus of the New Testament and the historical and cultural context in which the several types of documents were written. The life and teachings of Jesus and the influence of the Apostle Paul are stressed.

CTSH 101 Survey of Church History (3 units)

This course provides a general overview of the history of the Christian Church from apostolic times to the modern era. Students become familiar with the theological differences within Christendom, as well as the common elements.

CTSH 102 American Church History (3 units)

This course provides a general overview of the history of the North American church from the colonial era to the present. Students become familiar with the theological and ecclesiastical differences within North American Christianity, as well as the common elements.

CTSM 151 Children's Ministry (1.5 units)

CTSM 152 Youth Ministry (1.5 units)

CTSM 153 Adult Ministry (1.5 units)

Students learn how to work effectively with a particular age group to accomplish the congregation's goals of training and discipleship.

CTSP 101 Pastoral and Spiritual Formation (3 units)

Personal spiritual growth is the goal of the course. Emphasis is upon the development of the pastor as the spiritual leader of the congregation and the community. Classic writings on spirituality, devotion, and spiritual disciplines are studied and discussed.

CTSP 102 Using Technology (1.5 units)

Students explore how technology may enhance or limit the ministry of the church. The "how to" use of technology for personal, staff, and large group, multimedia presentations will be addressed.

CTSP 201 Leadership Skills (3 units)

This course prepares students for leadership roles in the church by helping them develop the skills needed to organize their congregations for effective ministry.

CTSP 202 Pastoral Care (3 units)

Students develop the art of discerning and attending holistically to the needs of a congregation and the community as servant leaders.

CTSP 203 Pastoral Ethics (1.5 units)

Emphasis in this course is on helping church leaders integrate the best ethical practices into their ministry and decision-making.

CTSP 204 Homiletics (1.5 units)

Students learn how to prepare and deliver sermons. Opportunities will be provided for students to practice in front of their peers.

CTSP 205 Church and Community (1.5 units)

Students focus on the social obligations of the Christian gospel and upon how to minister most effectively within a variety of cultural contexts.

CTSP 206 Church Polity (1.5 units)

Students work with a mentor to help them understand the discipline and polity of their particular denomination. Students from congregations independent of denominational affiliation will investigate how their group is governed.

CTST 101 Introduction to Christian Theology (3 units)

Students are introduced to the several areas of theology, the history of the development of the discipline, and the theological differences among Christian groups. While classic Christian thinking is the thread that runs through the course, students are encouraged to explore and to interact with the best elements of all Christian traditions.