Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry program (D.Min.) is an advanced, professional, theological degree designed to enhance the practice of ministry for pastors, ministry staff, and those carrying leadership responsibilities in other Christian organizations.

Extend the impact of ministry with renewed vitality and effectiveness

Program Highlights


  • Online learning with short residencies in Rochester, N.Y.
  • Remain in your current ministry
  • Flexible course load
  • Scholarships available
  • Learn from nationally recognized scholars and practitioners
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that are designed as encounters with God to strengthen the soul of your leadership


extend interactive learning beyond the residency among faculty and doctoral candidates


such as Craig and Médine Keener, Christena Cleveland, Soong-Chan Rah, Andy Crouch, Ruth Haley Barton, and Leith Anderson


build collegial and professional networks


extensive personal and professional assessment of a formative nature


remain in full-time ministry and self-adjust load according to personal needs


utilize theoretical and theological resources to address both the nature and practice of ministry

Created to serve and advance the church, the Doctor of Ministry program provides an environment in which experienced church and para-church leaders engage the issues that confront the faith community, re-tool themselves with strengthened skills, and revitalize their spiritual life.

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Alumni Success


Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Bronner

Bishop T. Anthony Bronner '14

Founder and Senior Pastor, Elim Christian Fellowship

Kwok Chung

Kwok Chung '15

Adjunct Faculty, Capital Seminary and Graduate School

Esther Gillie

Esther Gillie '16

Dean of Library, Regent University

Marlowe Washington

Rev. Marlowe V.N. Washington '16

Pastor, The Historic Parsells Church

Nathan Sanders

Nathan Sanders '16

Resident Life Director, Elim Bible Institute and College

Roberta Mosier-Peterson

Roberta Mosier-Peterson '16

Pastor, Oakdale Free Methodist Church

Rev. Weldon Thomas

Rev. Weldon Thomas '13

Pastor, New Bethel CME Church

Sherri Rood

Rev. Sherri Rood '08

District Superintendent, United Methodist Church

What makes a D.Min. different from a Ph.D.?

The D.Min. is the highest professional degree for ordained persons in the parish or related ministries. The primary emphasis of the D.Min. is the practice of ministry, which distinguishes it from the Ph.D. and other degrees that are focused more narrowly on scholarly research alone. The D.Min. degree builds on the M.Div. degree and a minimum of three years professional practice in ministry (both of which are prerequisites).

Through the Doctor of Ministry Program, you will:

  • Acquire an advanced understanding of the nature and purposes of pastoral ministry.
  • Develop enhanced competencies in pastoral and cultural analysis and ministerial leadership skills.
  • Enrich your ability to think biblically and theologically about all aspects of ministry.
  • Integrate their understanding and competencies into a theologically reflective practice of ministry.


Dissertation Project

The Doctor of Ministry program culminates in your dissertation, a publishable document that utilizes theoretical and theological resources to address both the nature and practice of ministry. Guided by a committee, including the faculty chair, program director, a representative from your ministry site, and additional professional consultants, you will select a research topic related to your ministry context with the intention of enhancing and strengthening your personal ministry and that of your ministry site.