Program Specifics

Students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment once admitted to Northeastern Seminary. They are expected to complete their degree program within three years of its normal length. Thus, D.Min. students will be allowed six years for the initial matriculation date to complete their academic work.


The structure of the Doctor of Ministry program allows students to be enrolled in up to seven credits each semester for a total of 14 credits per academic year. A minimum of six credits per semester is necessary for full-time status; three credits per semester are required for part-time status. This scheduling allows for awarding financial aid and deferring student loans.

Degree Requirements:

  • D.Min. program requirements
  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0
  • Successful completion and oral defense of a dissertation
  • Satisfactory completion of all degree requirements in no more than six years after initial matriculation


  • D.Min. research class provides candidates with the methodological skills necessary to write a doctoral dissertation
  • Research and writing process is guided by a dissertation committee—faculty chair, program director, representative from candidate’s ministry site (church or institution), additional professional consultants as needed
  • Research topic is chosen in relation to the candidate's ministry context with the intention of enhancing and strengthening both the candidate's personal ministry and ministry site (church or institution)
  • Oral defense and evaluation of the dissertation proposal is required and candidates must meet the following criteria:
    • Completion of at least three residencies with a grade of 80% or higher
    • Dissertation proposal is approved by candidate’s D.Min. dissertation committee
    • Completion of all research methodology coursework and registration in DMIN 910NE Dissertation
  • Completed dissertation is to be a publishable document that utilizes theoretical and theological resources in addressing both the nature and the practice of ministry