The Northeastern Fund

The power of giving

The Northeastern Fund—a new name, a new look, and a new way to realize the same wonderful goal: to provide Northeastern Seminary students with scholarships, making a Seminary education accessible to current and future students. Through the continued generous support of alumni and friends, more students can experience the transforming effect of a Northeastern education.

But in order for that to happen, we need everyone. And every sized gift.

Where does your money go?

The answer is easy. The Northeastern Fund supports one of the Seminary’s greatest needs—to provide students with scholarship money. This year, as throughout the Seminary’s history, we’ll continue to put 100 percent of your gift toward student scholarships.

Denominational Scholarships

Over 30 denominations and faith traditions are represented among Northeastern’s students. We are continually grateful for this diversity and celebrate the distinctions of faithful believers. The seminary experience is truly enriched when multiple voices can foster greater understanding—preparing students to minister in an increasingly diverse culture.

The following Denominational Scholarships are currently set up to receive support and be awarded to students who are in that same tradition:

Distinction Scholarships 

Distinction Scholarships recognize two qualities that permeate our vision for the theological education offered at Northeastern Seminary:

  • Accentuate Relevance Scholarship - Describes the Seminary’s unwavering commitment to biblical and historic Christianity and our unshakeable resolve to respond to the actual contemporary needs of the church and world. Awarded to seminarians who are pursuing a fresh view of ministry the 21st century and are attentive to the multiplicity of ministry contexts in today’s world.
  • Embody Diversity Scholarship - The Seminary is a community of learners committed to increasingly reflecting the global breadth of Christ’s kingdom in racial, ethnic, gender, and ecclesial diversity. Awarded to seminarians who are pursuing experiential and cross-cultural learning opportunities including global and multi-ethnic ministry contexts.

Program Funds

Although tuition income is one of the Seminary’s main sources of budget revenue, it only covers part of the operating budget. So, in order to meet our budget needs, we must rely on the support of our alumni and friends. Designate your gift to one of the Seminary’s five programs. Support their academic programs, departmental budgets, faculty, and more.

  • The Master of Divinity Fund
  • The M.A. in Transformational Leadership Fund
  • The M.A. Theological Studies Fund
  • The M.A. in Theology and Social Justice Fund
  • The Doctor of Ministry Fund