Academic Advising

Advising at Northeastern Seminary occurs on three levels via the:

  • Admissions process (introductory advisement): prospective students are informed of degree options, contents, and requirements to ensure proper program selection
  • Faculty advisor (macro-level advisement):
    • Assigned during the first semester of enrollment
    • Available to assist students in discerning and refining vocational goals and offering guidance regarding proper preparation for those goals, selection of concentrations and research projects
    • Also available for spiritual counsel and educational support as students face the rigors of seminary life
    • Field education director is available to all students as they prepare for and arrange field placements
  • Coordinator of academic planning (micro-level advisement):
    • Meets with individual students to customize semester-by-semester completion plans
    • Detailed planning meeting is especially encouraged as students near the end of the Core curriculum and are preparing for the Post-Core semesters
    • Allows students to set the pace for their degree completion, to create course loads that are manageable, and to ensure requirements and courses of particular interest are not missed
    • Offers guidance and timeline projections if students are considering a change in degree programs

Graduate students are responsible for arranging advising appointments, which can be conducted in person, via Zoom video-conference, telephone, or Skype.