Rigorous individual courses and full degree programs, including field education and capstone experiences, are designed to help you become the person God calls you to be. In our competence focused, formational education, you will be prepared to live and lead in a wide array of vocations.

The Great Conversation
Becoming gracious participants in the worldwide, multiethnic, multigenerational Christian communion as a reflection of God’s good news to the world.

Biblical Interpretation
Becoming faithful interpreters and communicators of God’s Word in the context of God’s world.

Pastoral Ministry
Becoming pastoral leaders who empower God’s people toward active participation in God’s mission of restoring wholeness to the world.

Spiritual Formation and Direction
Becoming wise guides who attend to God’s activity in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Transformational Leadership
Becoming Christian leaders who champion transformation in organizations and communities.

Theology and Social Justice
Becoming peacemakers who model Christ as agents of social justice in the church and in other organizations.

Other – Personalized Areas of Study
Some programs allow students to specialize in another area or to fulfill denominational requirements.