Personal Spiritual Formation

Central to all Northeastern Seminary programs is our commitment to formational education. Every course includes activities designed for you to grow-

In relationship to God:

  • A personal awareness of being loved by God
  • A deepening acceptance and love of God
  • A growing confidence in God's active presence in the world and one's own life

In relationship to others:

  • A deepening acceptance and love of others
  • A capacity and propensity for compassion
  • A freedom to receive and give love
  • Concern for and ability to relate openly with other people, especially in reference to one's Christian faith and life

In relationship to oneself:

  • A capacity to allow God the freedom to be God
  • A recognition of how the Bible addresses one's own life and the lives of other persons and groups
  • An ability to be in touch with one's feelings and to identify and express them appropriately
  • Creativity, imagination, humor, and freedom of spirit, as characteristics of one's ministerial style
  • A sense of confidence and courage in taking stands for convictions, in both religious and secular communities, and even in the face of opposition
  • Progress in the development of a disciplined prayer and worship life that provides personal nourishment and ministry with others

In relationship to the Christian ministry:

  • A sense of conviction of one's call by God to Christian ministry, and a sense of the arena of one's specific form of ministry
  • An ability to hold things loosely and invest oneself passionately