The Great Conversation

At the center of our curriculum is a great, ongoing conversation about what it looks like for each one of us to take up our place in God’s ongoing work of restoring wholeness to the world. Each course explores what it means to be Christian and how we live Christianly today—providing space to form confident, compassionate, humble engagement in the ongoing conversations of the church and faith community.

  • Being in the Story – The story of God from creation to new creation and God’s intentions for the world
  • Being in the Word - The Bible as God’s revelation; what God is communicating, how God communicates it, and how Scripture continues to speak today
  • Being Human - What God's revelation in Jesus teaches us about being human persons
  • Being Christian - What it means to be Christian, especially in religiously plural contexts
  • Being Church - The nature of God’s restorative grace in human life and the church as the people of God
  • Being Mission - Theology and mission in a diverse, global context