Single Graduate Courses for Visiting Students

Engaging your faith in transformative ways.


Taking a single graduate course at Northeastern Seminary can enliven your professional career, deepen your personal spiritual journey, and enhance your ministry. Step into a 5 or 15-week course onsite or online and explore a new area of biblical study, ministry skills development, professional application, and faith formation. 

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Featured Course Descriptions for Spring

Exploring Personal and Spiritual Faith Development

Helpful for small group leaders, life coaches, campus pastors, chaplains, spiritual directors

  • Feature Course Video with Dr. Rebecca S. Letterman
  • Create a customized approach to faith development
  • Match life stages with transformative opportunities
  • Identify concrete ways to support growth
  • Online, 2 Credits, 1/8/18-2/17/18

Foundations of Christian Social Ethics

Great for those working in human and social services, global or local missions, campus ministers, diversity advocates, business leaders

  • See how power, violence and culture infiltrate government, war, poverty, sexism and racism
  • Gain ministry tools steeped in a global, Christian theology to address these social issues and public policy
  • Apply understanding in service to churches, communities, businesses, and larger societ
  • 3 Credits, Mondays, 4/9/18– 5/7/18, 7:35 - 10 p.m.

Pastoral Formation

For those considering expanded roles in ministry, new pastors, campus ministers, chaplains, community leaders

  • Glean insights for ministry around prayer, Scripture reading, and spiritual direction
  • Develop a habit of scripture memorization and replenishing retreats
  • Explore the pastoral identity for discernment and development
  • 3 Credits, Mondays, 1/8/18 – 5/7/18, 6 – 7:15 p.m.

The Life and Writings of the Prophet Jeremiah

Great for college and high school parachurch ministers, outreach pastors, counselling pastors, hospice caregivers, health care professionals

  • Come away with timeless truths and uncanny societal parallels
  • Understand, teach and preach messages from one of the greatest OT prophets
  • Develop outlines and notes for up to 10 lessons/sermons
  • 2 Credits, Mondays, 1/8/18 – 2/12/18, 7:35 - 10 p.m.

Suffering, Pain and Evil: A Theological Response

Relevant for health care professionals, hospice caregivers, counselors, college and high school parachurch ministers, outreach pastors

  • Be ready for the hard questions: Why does God allow horrible events to happen? Where is God when we suffer? What do we do with the pain and evil we see around us?
  • Formulate ways of facing these questions and helping others in their response—guided by the biblical text and the rich history of how the church grappled with these same question
  • 2 Credits, Mondays, 1/8/18 – 2/12/18, 7:35 - 10 p.m.


For anyone desiring deeper biblical understanding, Bible study leaders, family or marriage ministry leaders, discipleship ministers

  • Take a deep dive into the context and content of this Prison Epistle for a fresh translation of the message for the church today
  • Enrich your teaching and preaching on grace, reconciliation, marriage, and family with N.T. Wright scholar
  • 2 Credits, Mondays, 4/9/18 – 5/7/18, 7:35 - 10 p.m.

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2017-18 Tuition:

  • Credit: $518 per credit
  • Audit: $150 per course

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