Single Graduate Courses for Visiting Students

Engaging your faith in transformative ways.

Taking a single graduate course at Northeastern Seminary can enliven your professional career, deepen your personal spiritual journey, and enhance your ministry. Step into an online or onsite course and explore a new area of biblical study, ministry skills development, professional application, and faith formation. 

Featured Course Descriptions for Fall

The Great Conversation: Being Church

Helpful for lead pastors, small group leaders, discipleship pastors, elders and lay leaders

  • Gain fresh insight on the restorative work of God by examining theological perspectives of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations and the Great Awakening
  • Identify contemporary approaches for leading people into a restored relationship with God
  • Engage in the ongoing conversation of God’s grace for human life and the church
  • Onsite, 3 credits, Tuesdays, 8/27/18-12/20/18

Women in Church History

For anyone desiring deeper biblical understanding of the role of women in God’s Kingdom, Bible study leaders, family or marriage ministry leaders, community service providers

  • Discover the impact of specific women who influenced theology, biblical interpretation, cultural influence, and social justice
  • Examine global challenges faced by women in the church in the 21st century
  • Gain methods and resources for supporting and developing women who are responding to God’s call on their life and work
  • Onsite, 3 credits, Tuesdays, 8/27/18-12/20/18

The Great Conversation: Being in the Story

For anyone desiring deeper biblical understanding, preachers, life coaches, leaders of all kinds

  • Take away tools for improved interpretation and communication of Scripture in various contexts
  • Gain insight into the biblical narrative of the Missio Dei and the framework it provides for a life of faith
  • Explore the logic of salvation as holistic—for the whole person, and even the entire created order
  • Onsite, 3 credits, Tuesdays, 8/27/18-12/20/18


—Relevant for worship directors and teams, church or ministry leaders, chaplains, lay ministers

  • Examine the history, theology, and practice of Christian worship from an ecumenical perspective
  • Reconnect with major features of worship, including the Christian calendar, word and sacrament, the role of music, liturgical space, and occasional services
  • Experiment with worship trends like the liturgical renewal movement, charismatic and neo-Pentecostal influences, and the seeker-service movement
  • Onsite, 3 credits, Thursdays, 8/27/18-12/20/18

The Great Conversation: Being in the Word

—For anyone desiring deeper biblical understanding, Bible study leaders, chaplains, spiritual directors

  • Open up the whole Bible as a resource for ministry and spiritual formation
  • Identify the ways that Scripture undergirds daily ethics at work and home
  • Realize your role in the mission of God with Scripture as your guide
  • See major themes emerge through biblical texts and the contexts from which they were written
  • Online, 3 credits, 8/27/18-12/20/18

Church Administration

For administrative pastors, ministry leaders, church office managers, leadership teams, and volunteers

  • Explore the biblical, historical, and theological roots of church leadership
  • Gain strategies for effective stewardship of resources
  • Identify relevant areas organizational management, congregational development, equipping for ministry, and mission planning that can be applied to current ministry contexts
  • Onsite, 1 credit, Thursdays, 11/12/18-12/20/18

Fundamentals of Finance for Ministers and Churches

For entrepreneurs, ministry treasurers, administrative pastors, church office managers, leadership teams, and volunteers

  • Build church budgets effectively with close attention to proper procedures for handling monies, record keeping, controlling expenditures, and auditing
  • Utilize resources and tools for the management of both personal and church finances
  • Learn to read and interpret financial statements with confidence
  • Onsite, 1 credit, Thursdays, 10/1/18-11/10/18

Strategic Planning for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations

For pastors, elders and church leadership teams, church planters, ministry and outreach leaders, nonprofit administrators

  • Engage tools for strategic planning as a way of improving performance and outcomes
  • Customize the strategic planning process for your context
  • Utilize concepts, procedures, and tools that enhance organizational achievement
  • Onsite, 3 credits, Thursdays, 8/27/18-12/20/18

New Testament Gospels: The Gospel of Luke

—For anyone desiring deeper biblical understanding, small group leaders, lay ministry leaders, preaching/teaching pastors

  • Hands-on, practical approach to reading the biblical text within its literary and historical/cultural context
  • Apply the Gospel of Luke, its themes, and key messages to your life’s work and relationships
  • Online, 3 credits, 8/27/18-12/20/18

Equipping the Laity

For pastors, elders and church leadership teams, church planters, ministry and outreach leaders

  • Create fresh opportunities for meaningful ministry opportunities while mitigating frustrations of lack of ministry involvement
  • Combine a biblical view of ministry, with a historical perspective on the roles of clergy and laity to achieve a contemporary approach to equipping the laity in the church
  • Recapture the rich and rewarding heritage of ministry that utilizes all God’s people
  • Onsite, 1 credit, Thursdays, 8/27/18-9/29/18

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