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January 5, 2017

Vice President and Dean Joins a Discussion on the Protestant Reformation

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Dr. Doug Cullum, vice president and dean, was the featured guest on the WHAM-1180 Bob Lonsberry radio show, invited to discuss the upcoming 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Dr. Cullum discussed the 95 Theses that Martin Luther nailed to the Wittenberg door. Something akin to a modern-day blog post, Luther’s 95 Theses planted the seeds of modern cultural structures and attitudes within western society. Throughout the interview, Dr. Cullum painted an intricate picture of the climate that brought about the Protestant Reformation and the ensuing discussions that took place within the ecclesial church.

In the closing of the broadcast, Dr. Cullum was asked for spiritual counsel to provide listeners entering the New Year. Dr. Cullum replied to this proposition stating, “The Reformation spirit is something that we can still capture today and in the year ahead. We might ask, what are some of the fruits of the Reformation that are valuable for our time today? The new reformation or the reformation of today should be a fresh recognition of the many things that we hold in common across religious lines and a sincere respect for others in spite of our differences.”

Dr. Cullum has been invited back to the Bob Lonsberry Show around Easter to discuss some of the Christian observances associated with Holy Week.