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April 21, 2017

Vice President and Dean Recounts the Traditions of Holy Week

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Dr. Doug Cullum, vice president and dean, was a featured guest on the WHAM-1180 Bob Lonsberry radio show, invited to discuss the tradition and significance of Holy Week in the Christian calendar. Dr. Cullum outlined the journey of Jesus Christ during the last week of his life while providing context for the traditions and practices that have been shaped from those events throughout history. During the interview, Dr. Cullum identified the significant turning points in the week that lead to the broader narrative of redemption for all humanity as understood by the Christian faith.

In the closing of the broadcast, Dr. Cullum was asked to comment on how one might understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He responded, “the story that the capital punishment of a first century Jewish itinerant rabbi has something to do with the human recovery of what God created us to be, that is not the stuff of science. That is the stuff of something bigger. Something that has graciously entered our world so that we can be all that we were intended to be—this can only be embraced by faith.”

To listen to the full interview recording that took place during the first half of hour three on April 12, visit the WHAM 1180 website news archive on iHeartRADIO here