Faith Sharing Groups

Faith Sharing is a process in which people share how they understand God to be active in their lives, as well as how they respond to God in ordinary experience. Faith Sharing Groups are designed to create a sacred space through shared reflection on the action of God in the life experience of group members.

In the context of Northeastern Seminary, Faith Sharing Groups have a twofold purpose:

  • To provide a formative arena for each seminarian to experience and reflect on the activity of God in one's life during the years of the seminary journey
  • To kindle an appreciation for a lifelong ministry of listening and spiritual direction as one of the definitive features of the pastoral calling

The Faith Sharing experience is one facet of our Introduction to Personal and Spiritual Formation courses that are interwoven throughout the Core curriculum. A trained Faith Sharing facilitator directs each Faith Sharing Group—guiding the process, rather than controlling the group. The facilitator listens to the mystery of another’s life, seeks to recognize how God is present and to “stay with” the person who is sharing and group members offer the hospitality of attentive listening.

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Affirmations for Faith Sharing

  • God is always active
  • God desires to be in intimate relationship with human beings
  • The basis for Christian life and ministry is the lived experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • There are spiritual practices that help us notice and respond to God’s overtures for relationship with us
  • Healthy spiritual formation does not automatically occur in the context of a seminary education
  • Healthy spiritual formation best occurs in the context of Christian community

Benefits of Faith Sharing

  • An opportunity to notice your inner life, with a focus on your relationship with God
  • A growing understanding of what God is doing in your ordinary daily life
  • A regular opportunity to give and receive the hospitality of listening
  • A confidential, caring environment for experiencing personal and spiritual growth