Single Graduate Courses for Visiting Students


Taking a single graduate course at Northeastern Seminary can enliven your professional career, deepen your personal spiritual journey, and enhance your ministry. Step into an online or onsite course and explore a new area of biblical study, ministry skills development, professional application, and faith formation.

Featured Courses

The Great Conversation: Being in the Story

  • Take away tools for improved interpretation and communication of Scripture in various contexts
  • Gain insight into the biblical narrative of the Missio Dei and the framework it provides for a life of faith
  • Explore the logic of salvation as holistic—for the whole person, and even the entire created order

Violence Against Women—Theological and Social Issues

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the problem of violence against women.
  • Develop a framework for addressing this important issue.
  • Topics include violence against women as an international human rights issue, the responsibility of the Church in its prophetic role to provide a response, and exploring the biblical basis for addressing this issue.

New Testament Epistles: Galatians

  • Hands-on, practical approach to reading the biblical text within its literary and historical/cultural context
  • Apply the Book of Galatians, its themes, and key messages to your life’s work and relationships


The Great Conversation: Being Church 

  • Gain fresh insight on the restorative work of God by examining theological perspectives of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations and the Great Awakening
  • Identify contemporary approaches for leading people into a restored relationship with God
  • Engage in the ongoing conversation of God’s grace for human life and the church

Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership

  • Give attention to the development of the inner life and character of an effective leader.
  • Increase your self-understanding, identification, and appreciation for personal and professional strengths.
  • Develop a plan for life-long growth as a leader.
  • Clarify your personal ministry values and priorities and reflect on the nature of ethical decision making in leadership.

The Great Conversation: Being in the Word

  • Open up the whole Bible as a resource for ministry and spiritual formation
  • Identify the ways that Scripture undergirds daily ethics at work and home
  • Realize your role in the mission of God with Scripture as your guide
  • See major themes emerge through biblical texts and the contexts from which they were written

Pastoral Formation

  • Build a foundation through the central pastoral acts of prayer, Scripture reading, and spiritual direction.
  • Develop a method for ongoing theological reflection in ministry.
  • Explore the issues of spiritual and theological foundations of pastoral work, the discovery of a pastoral identity, the meaning of ordination, and the office and functions of the pastor.

Why take one course?

Perhaps you feel the call to Seminary, or are interested in furthering your education, but are uncertain if you are ready to return to school, then the Visiting Student option is a great place to start. 

What is a Visiting Student?

If you choose to take courses in one of Northeastern Seminary's programs without being formally enrolled in that degree, you are considered a visiting student. You may even be able to take courses if you have not completed your bachelor's degree.

What courses can I take?

As a visiting student, you may take Master's-level classes for credit or audit (subject to relevant course auditing policies). Courses taken for credit can be applied to any Master's degree or certificate program at Northeastern Seminary upon formal acceptance into the program.

Get Started

Registration Process

Step 2 | Register and Submit Your Deposit

Download Registration and Deposit Form

Your student ID will be filled in for you after submission and receipt of your deposit. Send your completed forms and deposit to:

Northeastern Seminary
2265 Westside Drive
Rochester, NY 14624

Contact 585.594.6802 or with any questions.

Step 3 | Provide Proof of Immunization

New York State requires all students taking classes on the Rochester campus to provide proof of immunization. If you are taking courses exclusively online, you can skip this step.

Download Immunization Form


Step 4 | Complete Visiting Student Orientation

Now that your classes have been selected and deposit submitted, you may begin to set up your student account and start the online, self-guided orientation. This is required for both online and onsite students.

  1. Set up your student account and complete the steps in this IT Guide.
  2. You will be able to use your new student account to complete the online, self-guided orientation. This is required for both on-site and online students to complete before the start of class. It will guide you through theCommons (our intranet), Moodle (our course management system), and introduce you to theological writing. In addition, you will be able to access your course site(s) where you will be able to see your required booklists and access your syllabi as they become available.



Tuition Information

  • Cost per Credit Hour: $534
  • Audit Fee per Course: $150

Upcoming Class Starts

  • Tuesday, May 27, 2019 | Summer Session
  • Monday, August 26, 2019 | Fall Session
  • Monday, January 20, 2019 | Spring Session

Apply by April 1 to receive priority consideration for admission and financial aid.

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NOTE: Visiting students are not generally eligible for institutional financial aid and are limited to 12 credit hours of coursework. After taking 12 credit hours, students must matriculate into a program to continue taking courses. The Seminary may limit the number of visiting students in any course. Read more.