About Northeastern Seminary

Northeastern Seminary is a place where students are being transformed in a dynamic and supportive learning community … where graduates embody, articulate, and advance the kingdom of God in a variety of ministry contexts around the world … and where the church and community are served through lifelong learning for pastors and church leaders.


At Northeastern Seminary: 

"My eyes were opened to the original design and purpose of humanity. The spiritual formation was just what I needed without even knowing it." -Krystena

"I experienced a time of continual refreshment. Reading the original sources helped me listen and understand for myself—not just buy into what anyone says." -Jonathan

"I learned the larger story beyond my own personal calling and it helped bring clarity to the multiple lenses I used to make sense out of life." -Glen

"The classes forced me to think. I had to wrestle with the material. They pushed me—and I appreciated the push." -Lori

"My experience was like looking into a mirror that God had put into my life. I saw the role of the pastor and I gained an understanding of what it could be and should be." -Sarah

"There was space to think about my theological beliefs and sort through them. The diversity of students opened my eyes to so many ideas and capacities for service—my world was expanded." -Laura

"Professors offered more than knowledge. They supported my future endeavors and encouraged me in the academic process." -Doug